1.How does InhaleVita work?

InhaleVita inhalation micromolecule functional supplement are carefully selected with high-quality functional supplements, and the most advanced scientific research technology is applied to micromolecule them, with particle diameters as small as 5 microns (5 μm), It can be directly absorbed by the alveoli and enter the bloodstream, avoiding consumption through visceral metabolism, thereby ensuring rapid effectiveness of the supplement function.

2.How will I know my device is finished?

The storage type device can see the scale, and when the scale is 0, it indicates that it is used up. The capsule type device and instant throwing type device can directly see the powder consumption situation.

3.Is InhaleVita an e-cig?

Negative! An e-cigarette contains nicotine, whereas reohale NEVER contains any NICOTINE or TOBACCO. Instead, InhaleVita devices contain grade nutritional supplements sourced. It is a new way of supplementing to help the body absorb quickly and achieve the desired effect.

4.Is there an age restriction to use InhaleVita?

InhaleVita is a nutritional supplemental aid with NO NICOTION or any other harmful ingredients. We recommend InhaleVita users be age 14 or older, and we think it’s a big no no for pregnant or nursing women, or people with respiratory illnesses to use our devices.

5.How long should my InhaleVita last approximately?

Usage varies per product, and of course everyone inhales differently. If used accordingly, a InhaleVita shoulde last you 2-4 weeks with the storage type, and one serving at a time with the capsule type device and instant throwing type device.

6.Can I travel with my InhaleVita?

Of course,place it in your carry-on as your wish.Unlike e-cigarettes, our products can be checked in or carried on the plane in a carry-on package.

7.How does your shipping work, and do you ship abroad?

We have both domestic and international shipping available.

Please be aware when using international shipping, delivery can take up to 20+ days to be received due to a country’s customs. Unfortunately, we do not have control happens to the shipment once it has left the United States.

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